Tertiary Division

Main theme

Life Can Be Insured


  • To raise students’ awareness on career opportunities and career path in the insurance industry, especially in middle- and back-offices
  • To attract young people to join the insurance industry
  • To develop the employability and problem-solving skills in insurance and related technologies
  • To inspire innovation in InsurTech and insurance industry


Full-time students aged 18 or above in the 2018/19 academic year studying in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong are welcome to join the competition. Contestants can form a team of 3-5 to sign up for the competition, whereas team members can be of different universities and programmes. Individual sign up is also allowed, where he/she could join other teams or form his/her own team on the event day.


The competition consists of the following events:


The workshop will take place on 2018.10.13 (Sat) at Cyberport. It will include industry case sharing with mentors’ meetup, sharing on the latest InsurTech development, pain points and also technologies.
Deadline of registration: 2018.10.5 (Fri)


The competition will be in the form of a hackathon on 2018.11.24/25. Participants are required to develop an InsurTech solution prototype with basic functions, which can be in any format e.g. mobile application, platform, and pitch the idea to the judges in English or Cantonese within 5-10 minutes, followed by a Q&A session (3-5 minutes).

Develop a solution prototype for one or more of the following Smart elements:
•Smart UX
•Smart Process
•Smart Assessment
•Smart Claims Handling
•Smart Enrolment

Tentative Rundown:
Day 1 (24 Nov)
10:00 Registration
10:30 Opening Ceremony
11:00 Coding Kick-off
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Breakout Session
18:00 Dinner
  *Venue open overnight
Day 2 (25 Nov)
08:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:00 Entries Showcase (Secondary Division)
12:00 Code Freeze & Submission Deadline
12:00 Lunch
13:00-16:30 Pitching
16:30 Judges' Discussion & Networking
17:00 Prize Presentation Ceremony

Prize Presentation Ceremony

The ceremony and showcase of entries will be held on 2018.11.25 (Sun) to award the winners and allow the contestants to showcase their ideas.

Judging Criteria

  • Originality & Creativity
  • Content/Relevance
  • Practicality & Usefulness
  • Design & Polish
  • Technical Complexity
  • Pitching and Presentation Skills

Judging Panel

  • One representative from Cyberport
  • One representative from university
  • Three representatives from the insurance industry


The winning teams will receive a scholarship sponsored by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and fast track interview opportunity for the Cyberport Entrepreneurship Programmes (i.e. Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and Cyberport Incubation Programme).
The amount of scholarship is as follows:
Winner (1 team): HKD 100,000
First runner-up (1 team): HKD 50,000
Second runner-up (1 team): HKD 20,000
Merit (2 teams): HKD 10,000 per team

Participation fee

All events in the competition are free of charge.

Deadline of registration: 2018.11.1 (Thu)

Terms & Conditions

  • Contestants should bring their own devices, such as laptops, mobile phones and chargers. Cyberport will provide WiFi and power supply. It is the sole responsibility of the contestants to take care of their belongings. The Organiser, the Implementation Agent and the Co-organiser are not liable in case of lost, damages or theft
  • The contestants will start coding at the same time. No coding is allowed before the kick-off of the competition
  • The entry must be submitted before the deadline. Once the entry is submitted, no further changes are accepted and no entries will be returned
  • The Organiser, the Implementation Agent and the Co-organiser will not accept any responsibility of loss, late or wrong submission of the entries
  • The entries must not contain any illegal, deceitful, defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, threatening, hostile, disturbing, abusive, harassing, insulting, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, violent or otherwise inappropriate content. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify such entries without further notice
  • Contestants must ensure the originality of their entries and that their entries must not have been used on other occasions. Contestants are not allowed to steal or use the entries created by other parties. In case of any law infringements of the entries, the Organiser, the Implementation Agent and the Co-organiser are not held liable
  • Should works of other parties be included in the entries, such as but not limited to music, pictures, video recordings and clips, the contestants should obtain related legal authorisation of such materials on their own. If necessary, the Organiser and/or the Co-organiser may request a written authorisation from the contestants
  • The competition results are determined by the adjudicators. The contestants and/or other parties shall raise no objection
  • If the entries were revealed to be violating the rules after winning the awards, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify such entries and recall the related prizes
  • The Organiser, the Implementation Agent and the Co-organiser reserve the right to use, publish or publicise the contestants’ information, including but not limited to their names, school names, age and photos, for promotion purposes
  • The winners shall give consent to accept interviews and participate in any publicity events or activities required by the Organiser, the Implementation Agent and the Co-organiser at all forms or means free of charge
  • The Organiser reserves the right to change and amend the terms and conditions and has the right to the final decision regarding the competition results. No objections shall be raised from the contestants and/or other parties
  • Should there be too many applications, the Organiser reserves the right to end the application period earlier than the designated date and screen the applicants.
  • Once applied, the contestants agree completely to the above terms and conditions

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Purpose of collecting personal data
  • The personal data provided to Cyberport on the application form are for communication purpose of the competition
  • The supply of the personal data on the application form is voluntary
  • Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the right of access to and correction of their personal data on the application form
  • Cyberport strives to safeguard the security of personal data, and to comply with the related requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Please refer to the Privacy Policy Statement of Cyberport  (http://www.cyberport.hk/zh_tw/pics)

Competition Results

The competition has concluded on 25 Nov 2018. Below is the list of awardees:
Champion Team Name: Road Savior
Team Members:
Cheung Tsz Yeung (PolyU)
Lee Chi Yin (PolyU)
Chan Chun Fung (PolyU)
Wong Fu Kwai (CUHK)
Tung Cheung Leong (PolyU)
1st Runner-up Team Name: cydalytics
Team Members:
Wong Ho Yeung (HKU)
Lo Siu Chun (HKU)
Cheng Ningning (CUHK)
2nd Runner-up Team Name: InsurHealth
Team Members:
Leung Chun Ting (HKU)
Yeung Ho Cheung Jonathan (CUHK)
Yung Tsz Hin (HKU)
Merit Team Name: No Wonder
Team Members:
Tse Ho Yin Thomas (CityU)
Ho Chiu Gap (HKUST)
Lee Wing Yu (HKUST)
Ng Chak Lam Rica (CityU)
Merit Team Name: 保寶簿 Treasurance
Team Members:
Chan Janus Tsun-Kan (CUHK)
Wong Shu Ting (PolyU)
Tang Mo Tin (PolyU)
So Chak Hei (HKUST)